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Commercial GaN-Based Power Electronic Systems: A Review


Wide bandgap semiconductor technology is gaining widespread acceptance in the area of high-power and high-temperature power electronics. Gallium nitride (GaN) not only has a wide bandgap of 3.4 eV and all the associated superior electronic properties but also enables the development of high-mobility power devices which is critical in increasing the power density of a power electronics system. Since a commercial GaN power transistor has a lateral structure as opposed to the traditional vertical device structure, commercially available devices are rated below 1000 V breakdown voltage with a maximum value of 900 V and typical value around 650 V. The primary focus of this review will be to introduce readers to the commercially available power electronic systems developed by various manufacturers which employ GaN-based power devices and highlight their remarkable performance which surpasses existing technology. This review also includes a brief introduction on GaN technology followed by current market study showing the roadmap of integration of GaN-based power electronics in the power industry.

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