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, Volume 47, Issue 8, pp 4314–4320 | Cite as

Electronic Band Structure of Rhenium Dichalcogenides

  • Surani M. Gunasekera
  • Daniel Wolverson
  • Lewis S. Hart
  • Marcin Mucha-Kruczynski
Open Access
Topical Collection: 18th International Conference on II-VI Compounds
Part of the following topical collections:
  1. 18th International Conference on II-VI Compounds and Related Materials


The band structures of bulk transition metal dichalcogenides ReS2 and ReSe2 are presented, showing the complicated nature of interband transitions in these materials, with several close-lying band gaps. Three-dimensional plots of constant energy surfaces in the Brillouin zone at energies near the band extrema are used to show that the valence band maximum and conduction band minimum may not be located at special high symmetry points. We find that both materials are indirect gap materials and that one must be careful to consider the whole Brillouin zone volume in addressing this question.


ReSe2 ReS2 rhenium dichalcogenides angle-resolved photoemission band structure 



This work was supported by the Centre for Graphene Science of the Universities of Bath and Exeter and by the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council EPSRC (UK) under Grants Nos. EP/G036101, EP/M022188, and EP/P004830; S.M.G. and L.S.H. are supported by the Bath-Bristol Centre for Doctoral Training in Condensed Matter Physics, Grant No. EP/L015544. Associated experimental studies were supported by the award of beam time at the DIAMOND (IO5) and SOLEIL (ANTARES) synchrotron beam lines and by EPSRC Grant No. EP/P004830/1. Computational work was performed on the University of Bath’s High Performance Computing Facility. Data created during this research are freely available from the University of Bath data archive at,


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  1. 1.Centre for Nanoscience and Nanotechnology, Department of PhysicsUniversity of BathBathUK

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