Metalorganic Vapor-Phase Epitaxy Growth Parameters for Two-Dimensional MoS2


The influence of the main growth parameters on the growth mechanism and film formation processes during metalorganic vapor-phase epitaxy (MOVPE) of two-dimensional MoS2 on sapphire (0001) have been investigated. Deposition was performed using molybdenum hexacarbonyl and di-tert-butyl sulfide as metalorganic precursors in a horizontal hot-wall MOVPE reactor from AIXTRON. The structural properties of the MoS2 films were analyzed by atomic force microscopy, scanning electron microscopy, and Raman spectroscopy. It was found that a substrate prebake step prior to growth reduced the nucleation density of the polycrystalline film. Simultaneously, the size of the MoS2 domains increased and the formation of parasitic carbonaceous film was suppressed. Additionally, the influence of growth parameters such as reactor pressure and surface temperature is discussed. An upper limit for these parameters was found, beyond which strong parasitic deposition or incorporation of carbon into MoS2 took place. This carbon contamination became significant at reactor pressure above 100 hPa and temperature above 900°C.


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