Electrocaloric Study Effect in the Relaxor Ferroelectric Ceramic 0.9(0.75PMN-0.25PT)-0.1PS


This work is meant to study the electrocaloric effect in 0.9(0.75Pb(Mg1/3 Nb2/3)O3-0.25PbTiO3)-0.1PbSnO3 (0.9(PMN-PT)-0.1PS) ferroelectric ceramics. The adiabatic temperature change (ΔT) of 0.9(PMN-PT)-0.1PS ceramic, due to the application or withdrawal of an electric field, were calculated through the thermodynamic relation. The temperature change increases with an increase in the applied electric field and reaches a maximum of 0.66 K in a 30 kV/cm electric field shift near the morphotropic phase boundary transition, ferroelectric–paraelectric, at 373 K; that is, the electrocaloric coefficient is 0.220 × 10−6 m K/V, this obtained value is at high temperature, which limits its potential as the next generation solid state cooling devices.

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  • Ferroelectric
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