Fabrication Process for Micro Thermoelectric Generators (μTEGs)


An innovative micro thermoelectric generator (μTEG) fabrication process has been developed. Two selectively dissolvable photoresists and galvanostatic electrodeposition are used to grow p- and n-type thermoelectric materials as well as the upper and lower contacts of the μTEGs onto a single substrate. Two particular features of the process are the usage of a multilamination technique to create structures for legs and contacts, as well as an industrial pick and placer (P&P), which allows dispensing of a second, selectively dissolvable, photoresist to protect certain areas during material deposition. This allows sequential electrochemical deposition of two different thermoelectric materials on a single substrate, without further costly and time-consuming process steps. The process therefore provides a highly flexible fabrication platform for research and development.

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  • Micro thermoelectric generator
  • electrochemical deposition
  • bismuth telluride
  • microstructure
  • multilamination
  • pick and placer