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Effect of high-temperature annealing on GaInP/GaAs HBT structures grown by LP-MOVPE


We have investigated the effect of high-temperature annealing on device performance of GaInP/GaAs HBTs using a wide range of MOVPE growth parameters for the C-doped base layer. Carbon doping was achieved either via TMG and AsH3 only or by using an extrinsic carbon source. High-temperature annealing causes degradation of carbon-doped GaAs in terms of minority carrier properties even at doping levels of p=1 × 1019 cm−3. The measured reduction in electron lifetime and luminescence intensity correlates with HBT device results. It is shown that the critical temperature where material degradation starts is both a function of doping method and carbon concentration.

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Key words

  • Gallium arsenide
  • carbon doping
  • heterojunction bipolar transistors
  • annealing