Effect of Physicochemical Properties of Slag and Flux on the Removal Rate of Oxide Inclusion from Molten Steel


The slag-metal reaction experiments were carried out using a high-frequency induction furnace to confirm the effect of slag composition on the removal rate of inclusions in molten steel through the CaO-based slags. The apparent rate constant of oxygen removal (k O) was obtained as a function of slag composition. It increased with increasing basicity, and the content of MgO and CaF2, whereas it decreased by increasing the content of Al2O3 in the slag. The removal rate of inclusions was strongly affected not only by the driving force of the chemical dissolution but also by the viscosity of the slags and fluxes.

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  • Removal Rate
  • CaF2
  • Apparent Rate Constant
  • Total Oxygen
  • Slag Composition