Quantification of Solute Topology in Atom Probe Tomography Data: Application to the Microstructure of a Proton-Irradiated Alloy 625


The analysis of solute clustering in atom probe tomography (APT) has almost exclusively relied on a simple algorithm based on the simple friend-of-friend analysis where a threshold distance or maximum separation defines whether atoms are part of a cluster or part of the matrix. This method is however limited to very specific microstructures and is very sensitive to parameter selection. To expand the range and applicability of current APT analysis tools, we introduce new quantitative data analysis methods based on density-based hierarchical clustering algorithms and relevant to solute clustering and segregation. We demonstrate the methods’ performance on the complex microstructure developing in a proton-irradiated Alloy 625, specifically focusing on the analyses of nanoscale Al clusters, Si clusters, and Si-decorated dislocation loops.

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The authors acknowledge technical support and funding from the Air Force Office of Scientific Research under Award FA9550-14-1-0249, the DOE Office of Nuclear Energy’s Nuclear Energy University Program; the technical staff at the University of Michigan Center for Materials Characterization and Michigan Ion Beam Laboratory. The authors would also like to thank Dr. Gracie Burke (University of Manchester) and Dr. Julie Tucker (Oregon State University) for providing the alloy used in this work.

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