Evolution of Bimodal Microstructure and High-Temperature Wear Resistance of Al-Cu-Ni Alloys


We report excellent high-temperature (300 °C) wear resistance of copper mold-cast Al80Cu15Ni5 and Al75Cu15Ni10 alloys. The evolution of a novel bimodal microstructure consisting of α-Al, eutectic α-Al + Al2Cu, and a vacancy ordered phase (Al3Ni2 type) restricts severe adhesive and abrasive wear at high temperature. Particularly, the Al75Cu15Ni10 alloy shows a low wear rate at 300 °C. In-depth microstructural characterization of the as-cast alloys and the worn samples elucidate the wear mechanism.

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The authors are grateful to Dr. Sandip Bysakh, Senior Scientist, CGCRI KOLKATA for his technical support through TEM characterization. Useful technical discussions with Prof. N. K. Mukhopadhyay and Prof. Indranil Manna are gratefully acknowledged. P.R. and J.E. gratefully acknowledge support through the European Research Council under the ERC Advanced Grant INTELHYB (Grant ERC-2013-ADG-340025).

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