High-Temperature Mechanical Properties of Aluminum Alloy Matrix Composites Reinforced with Zr and Ni Trialumnides Synthesized by In Situ Reaction


High-temperature strengths and stabilities of Al3Ni and Al3Zr phases can be used to develop heat-resistant Al-matrix composites. In the current study, Al-1Mg-0.8Mn-0.8V alloy matrix composites are synthesized by in-situ reaction of K2ZrF6 salt and Ni powder to yield Al3Zr- and Al3Ni-reinforcing phases. The as-cast microstructural and room-temperature and high-temperature tensile properties of the composite are investigated. The microstructure of the composites contain α-Al, Al3Zr, Al3Ni, and Al10V phases. The eutectic mixture comprises alternating Al3Ni and α-Al phases with fine Al3Zr precipitates distributed in the interlamellar regions. The (2 pct Al3Zr + 15.2 pct Al3Ni)/Al-alloy composite shows the highest mechanical properties at room temperature, with a tensile strength of 198 MPa and a fracture strain of 6.55 pct. At 200 and 300 °C, tensile strengths of (2 pct Al3Zr + 13.3 pct Al3Ni)/Al-alloy and (2 pct Al3Zr + 15.2 pct Al3Ni)/Al-alloy composites reach 175 MPa and 166 MPa, and 191 MPa and 155 MPa, respectively. At 350 °C, the highest tensile strength of this composite family reaches 82 MPa, which surpasses some of the existing Al-Si alloys used in automotive pistons, suggesting its potential high-temperature applications. Analysis indicates that the fracture mode of the present composites is ductile. Transgranular cleavage fracture of coarse, brittle Al10V phase, and microvoid coalescence are the main failure mechanisms.

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The authors acknowledge the supports received from the Guangxi Natural Science Foundation (Grant No. 2016GXNSFAA380223), the Guangxi University Research Fund Project (Grant No. XJZ100343), and the Innovation Drive Development Foundation of Guangxi (Grant No. AA17202011). NG acknowledges the US-Egypt Cooperative Research Project (Award # OISE 1445686). Jieming Wen is thanked for providing the high-temperature electronic universal testing machine for the tensile test.

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