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Synthesis of Aluminum–Aluminum Nitride Nanocomposites by a Gas–Liquid Reaction II. Microstructure and Mechanical Properties


In situ fabrication of the reinforcing particles in the metal matrix is an answer to many of the challenges encountered in manufacturing aluminum matrix nanocomposites. In this method, the nanoparticles are formed directly within the melt by means of a chemical reaction between a specially designed aluminum alloy and a gas. In this publication, we describe a process for synthesizing aluminum–aluminum nitride nanocomposites by reacting a nitrogen-containing gas with a molten aluminum–lithium alloy. We quantify the effect of the process parameters on the average particle size and particle distribution, as well as on the tendency of the particles to cluster in the alloy matrix, is quantified. Also in this publication, we present the measured room temperature and elevated temperature tensile properties of the nanocomposite material as well as its measured room temperature impact toughness.

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  1. JSM840 scanning electron microscope equipped with stage automated digital image analysis, a light element quantum X-ray detector with a Kevex Delta system, and a wavelength dispersive X-ray analyzer.


  3. Instron Servo-Hydraulic Tension–Compression System model 1332 equipped with an 8500 controller and a 5620 pound load cell.

  4. MTS extensometer model 634.25.

  5. Instron Environment Chamber model 3116.

  6. MTS high temperature extensometer model 633.11B-15.

  7. Instron Impact Machine model SI-1C3.


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