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The Effect of Temperature and Rotational Speed on Structure and Mechanical Properties of Cast Cu Base Alloy (Cu-Al-Si-Fe) Welded by Semisolid Stir Joining Method

Metallurgical and Materials Transactions A Aims and scope Submit manuscript

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Semisolid stir joining has been under deliberation as a possible method for joining of copper alloys. In this study, the effect of temperature and rotational speed of stirrer on macrostructure evaluation and mechanical properties of samples were investigated. Optical microscopy and X-ray diffraction were performed for macro and microstructural analysis. A uniform micro-hardness profile was attained by semisolid stir joining method. The ultimate shear strength and bending strength of welded samples were improved in comparison with the cast sample. There is also lower area porosity in welded samples than the cast metal. The mechanical properties were improved by increasing temperature and rotational speed of the joining process.

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The authors would like to acknowledge Mr. Morteza Mansuri from Casting laboratory, Department of Material Science and Engineering at Sharif University of technology, for his technical collaboration during this research.

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Correspondence to Keyvan Ferasat.

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Manuscript submitted January 16, 2015.

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Ferasat, K., Aashuri, H., Kokabi, A.H. et al. The Effect of Temperature and Rotational Speed on Structure and Mechanical Properties of Cast Cu Base Alloy (Cu-Al-Si-Fe) Welded by Semisolid Stir Joining Method. Metall Mater Trans A 46, 5782–5788 (2015).

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