Powder-Route Synthesis and Mechanical Testing of Ultrafine Grain Tungsten Alloys


We report a W-rich alloy (W-7Cr-9Fe, at. pct) produced by high-energy ball milling, with alloying additions that both lower the densification temperature and retard grain growth. The alloy’s consolidation behavior and the resultant compacts’ microstructure and mechanical properties are explored. Under one condition, a 98 pct dense compact with a mean grain size of 130 nm was achieved, and exhibited a hardness of 13.5 GPa, a dynamic uniaxial yield strength of 4.14 GPa in Kolsky bar experiments, and signs of structural shear localization during deformation.

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This study was supported by the US Defense Threat Reduction Agency under Grant No. HDTRA1-11-1-0062. ZCC acknowledges support from the Department of Defense through the NDSEG fellowship program. ELH acknowledges support from the US Army Research Laboratory through the Oak Ridge Institute for Space and Education (ORISE) Program # 1120-1120-99. BES would like to acknowledge support work from the Cooperative Research and Development Agreement #11-24. We would like to thank Ms. Alexandria Will-Cole for her indentation work on the intermetallic phase, Dr. Kisub Cho for performing the THERMOCALC calculations, and Dr. Daniel T. Casem for his assistance with the Kolsky bar tests.

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Correspondence to Christopher A. Schuh.

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Manuscript submitted November 6, 2013.

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  • Shear Localization
  • High Relative Density
  • Electro Discharge Machine
  • Thermal Excursion
  • High Strain Rate Test