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Position statement of the Latin American Federation of Endocrinology on osteoporosis

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  1. Gómez O, Talero AP, Zanchetta MB, Madeira M, Moreira CA, Campusano C, Orjuela AM, Cerdas PS, de la Peña-Rodríguez MP, Reza AA, Velazco C, Mendoza B, Uzcátegui LR, Rueda PN (2021) Diagnostic, treatment, and follow-up of osteoporosis-position statement of the Latin American Federation of Endocrinology. Arch Osteoporos 16(1):114.

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  2. Clark P, Denova-Gutiérrez E, Zerbini C, Sanchez A, Messina O, Jaller JJ, Campusano C, Orces CH, Riera G, Johansson H, Kanis JA (2018) FRAX-based intervention and assessment thresholds in seven Latin American countries. Osteoporos Int 29(3):707–715.

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  3. Lopez Gavilanez E, Chedraui P, Guerrero Franco K, Marriott Blum D, Palacio Riofrio J, Segale BA (2018) Osteoporotic hip fractures in older adults in Ecuador 2016. Rev Osteoporos Metab Miner 10(2):63–70.

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  4. Lopez Gavilanez E, Johansson H, McCloskey E, Harvey NC, Segale Bajana A, Marriott Blum D, Navarro Grijalva M, Diaz Curiel M, Kanis JA (2019) Assessing the risk of osteoporotic fractures: the Ecuadorian FRAX model. Arch Osteoporos 14(1):93.

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  5. Johansson H, Lopez Gavilanez E, Navarro Grijalva M, McCloskey EV, Harvey NC, Lorentzon M, Liu E, Kanis JA (2019) Secular changes in hip fracture incidence in Ecuador and implications for FRAX. Osteoporos Int 30(suppl 2).

  6. Gavilanez EL, Curiel MD, Orces CH, Chávez MN, Litardo NB, Bonilla MH, Romero NS, Paredes JG (2018) Trends in mortality rates due to osteoporotic hip fractures in Ecuador from 1997 to 2016. Int J Osteoporosis Metab Disord 11:23–28.

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