Impianti e sostituti meniscali

  • Matteo OlivieriEmail author
  • Diana Chicon Paez
  • Luca Turelli

Meniscal implants and substitutes


When meniscal lesions occur, preservation of meniscal tissue and restoration of the normal meniscal biomechanics is imperative to avoid early knee osteoarthritis; however, current surgical treatments for meniscal tears suffer from subsequent cartilage degeneration and inconsistent post-treatment results. When meniscal replacement is indicated, the desired implant should be chondroprotective; nevertheless, long-term effects of meniscal transplantation in protecting the articular cartilage have not been fully elucidated as yet. To date, three clinical scaffolds that allow 3-dimensional reconstruction of the meniscal structure (Menaflex CMI, Actifit® scaffold and NUsurface® Meniscus Implant) are available on the market for use, but additional data are needed to properly evaluate their safety and effectiveness.


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  • Diana Chicon Paez
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  • Luca Turelli
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