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The impact of sulfate reduction on the distribution of methylmercury in reservoirs in the city of Guiyang

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In this paper, the relationship between sulfate reduction potential and mercury methylation potential was studied in the Aha, Baihua and Hongfeng reservoirs from Guiyang City. The methylmercury (MeHg) concentrations of lake water in the Aha Reservoir were greatly elevated as compared to those of the Hongfeng and Baihua reservoirs, which was correlated with its distinctly high SRB abundance, SO4 2−, and S2− concentrations. Among the three reservoirs, however, the highest MeHg was observed in in the top several centimenters of pore water profile in the Hongfeng Reservoir where the lowest S2− in pore water occurred. The distributions of MeHg in lake water and pore water showed the highest methylation potential occurred at water-sediment surface for the Aha Reservoir and the in the top several centimenters of sediments for the Hongfeng Reservoir. It is guessed that the highest mercury methylation only occurs at the sites with certain sulfide concentrations.

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