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Table 1 Overview of the ten sub-grant projects

From: Enhancing synergies in nature’s contributions to people in socio-ecological production landscapes and seascapes: lessons learnt from ten site-based projects in biodiversity hotspots

Codea Project full title Sub-grantee name Location
Indo-Burma biodiversity hotspot
 IN Mainstreaming Community-Conserved Areas for Biodiversity Conservation in Nagaland The Energy and Resources Institute (TERI) Nagaland, India
 MM Conservation and sustainable use of freshwater ecosystems in Myanmar Fauna & Flora International (FFI) Kachin State, Tanintharyi Region, Myanmar
 TH Promoting and Enhancing the Karen Indigenous Sustainable Socio-ecological Production System in Northern Thailand Inter Mountain Peoples’ Education and Culture in Thailand Association (IMPECT) Chiang Mai, Thailand
Madagascar and Indian Ocean Islands biodiversity hotspot
 KM A landscape management model for conserving biodiversity in the Comoro Islands Dahari Anjouan Island, Comoros
 MU Mainstreaming the Contribution of coastal wetlands biodiversity for Sustainable Economic & Livelihood Development at Cité La Chaux ‘Barachois’, Mahébourg Environmental Protection and Conservation Organisation (EPCO) Mahébourg, Mauritius
 MG Integrated adaptive management to protect ecological integrity in the Socio-Ecological Production Landscape (SEPL) of the south-east watershed of Makira Natural Park Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS) Analanjirofo, Madagascar
 SC The development of a co-management plan, designed by fishers, to minimise the impact of the Seychelles artisanal fishery on threatened species Green Islands Foundation (GIF) Mahé Plateau, Seychelles
Tropical Andes biodiversity hotspot
 CO Reconciling biodiversity conservation and agricultural production in agroforestry cultivation systems in the Colombian Andes: a model for Colombia’s post-conflict era Universidad Industrial de Santander (UIS) San Vicente de Chucurí, Colombia
 EC Improvement of the livelihoods of the communities through the sustainable management of productive landscapes and biodiversity conservation in mangrove, the dry forest and rainforest Fundación para la Investigación y Desarrollo Social (FIDES) Manabí and Esmeraldas, Ecuador
 PE Consolidation of the participatory management of the Alto Huayabamba Conservation and strengthening of partnerships for conservation, production and research in the Peruvian Amazon Amazónicos por la Amazonía (AMPA) Bolívar, Peru
  1. aCode is a two-letter acronym of the country name which refers to each of the ten sub-grant projects consistently throughout this article. Find more details on the sub-grant projects in the GEF-Satoyama Project website: