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Robin Müller, Julius Ruppert, Katharina Will, Lukas Wüsteney, Tobias Heer

Analyzing the Software Patch Discipline Across Different Industries and Countries


In view of recent cyberattacks and new regulatory requirements, companies in different industries and countries are forced to implement additional IT security measures. Nevertheless, a large number of services with vulnerable or outdated software can be found on the Internet. In this work, we investigate whether industry-specific differences exist in the maintenance and use of outdated Internet-facing software. For this purpose, we combine results from Internet-wide port scans with product and version information as well as information of companies listed at stock markets in different countries. We show that different industries have more or less up-to-date software for different services like remote access tools, databases, webservers and file servers. With this approach, we discovered surprising amounts of outdated and even unsupported software in use across many industries and countries.

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