New work-family dynamics and ongoing inequalities?

  • M. Beham-Rabanser
  • K. Binner

Liebig, Brigitte/Oechsle, Mechthild (eds.) (2017): Fathers in work organizations: inequalities and capabilities, rationalities and politics.

Opladen: Barbara Budrich. 400 pp, 34.90 €

Brandth, Berit/Halrynjo, Signota/Kvande, Elin (eds.) (2017): Work-family dynamics: competing logics of regulation, economy and morals.

London/New York: Routledge. 228 pp, 87.03 €

Studying reconciling work and family life is nothing new. Since the very beginning of gender and family research, work-family conflicts have become one of the most elaborated objects of research (Rapoport and Rapoport 1965). However, current changes in equality policies, increasing claims for parenthood and rising work demands challenge this area of research. New dynamics in society and scientific discourse make it worth dealing with two recent books on work-family conflicts and parental practices.

The first book we want to discuss is Work-Family Dynamics: Competing Logics of Regulation, Economy and Morals. This is the outcome of...


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