Sinn und Ethik

GIO – Gruppe Interaktion Organisation

Ethics and meaning

Anthroplological basis values, norms and moral in organisational contexts


Ethics as the “first theory” of men is philosophically founded in the so called is-ought-problem. Men find themselves in this difference not only in private, but also in work-related contexts. What is worth striving for? How is the Status-Quo and is the situation in question satisfaying? What is good? What is desirable? Which circumstances, challenges, problems should be or must be solved? Ethics in this sense is the question for a good life and for good practice and is therefore closely linked to the question of meaning. Both ethics and the question of meaning are “twins” of one and the same anthropological basis.

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  • Is-ought-problem
  • Anthropological foundation
  • Ethics and values, norms, moral
  • The question of meaning in organizational contexts