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, Volume 33, Issue 4, pp 404–405 | Cite as

A Randomized Trial to Improve Communication between Patients and Providers in a Primary Care Walk-In Clinic

  • Jeffrey L. Jackson
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Effective communication is essential to high-quality care.1 In a previous pre-post trial among 500 adults presenting to a primary care walk-in clinic with a physical symptom, we provided pre-visit feedback to providers on patients’ serious illness worry and visit expectations and the presence of any comorbid mental illness.2 Intervention patients had fewer unmet expectations and were less likely to be perceived as difficult by their physician. We found that unmet expectations were strong predictors of satisfaction,3,4 and worry correlated with psychiatric illness.5 The purpose of this trial was to replicate these findings using a more rigorous study design.


We randomized adults presenting to a primary care walk-in clinic with a physical symptom (excluding upper respiratory illness, n = 187) to two groups: usual care versus providers who received pre-visit information on patient serious illness worry, patient expectations for the visit (testing, counseling,...



No funding was received for this project.

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  1. 1.C, GIM Section, Zablocki VAMC, Medicine Medical College of WisconsinMilwaukeeUSA

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