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Table 1 Toolkit Resources for Community Partners in Care (CPIC)

From: Community-Partnered Cluster-Randomized Comparative Effectiveness Trial of Community Engagement and Planning or Resources for Services to Address Depression Disparities

User Guide for Partners in Care/Community Partners in Care
  Improving Depression Outcomes in Primary Care: A User’s Guide to Implementing the Partners in Care Approach30 (Partners in Care, updated)
  Expert leader training materials (Partners in Care training slides)
  IMPACT study team building process forms29
  Overview to depression assessment and management (Partners in Care)
  PIC philosophy (
Resources and Guidelines for Care Managers
  Manual for the care manager and manager forms (Partners in Care, revised from Mental Health Infrastructure and Training (MHIT) Project)28
  Patient Health Questionnaire 9-item version (PHQ-9) in English and in Spanish31
Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) Therapist Toolkit
  CBT individual and group manuals (client and provider) in English and in Spanish32
  Therapist forms, PHQ-9 and outcomes graphing; relapse prevention plan (Partners in Care)
Primary Care/Public Health Clinician Toolkit
  Clinician guide to depression assessment and management in collaborative care (Partners in Care, updated)
  Quick reference cards (Partners in Care)
Educational Materials
  M. Jackson-Triche, KB. Wells, K. Minnium. Beating Depression: The Journey to Hope. New York: McGraw-Hill; 2002.
  Patient education brochures and resources in English and Spanish (Partners in Care)
  Articles cited or included as resources in the CPIC Toolkit4,8,12,25,27,29,30,3248