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Management of Non-Parasitic Splenic Cysts: Does Size Really Matter?

  • Christopher D. Kenney
  • Yumiko E. Hoeger
  • Amy K. Yetasook
  • John G. Linn
  • Ervin W. Denham
  • Joann Carbray
  • Michael B. UjikiEmail author
2014 SSAT Poster Presentation



Splenic cysts are relatively rare clinical entities and are often diagnosed incidentally upon imaging conducted for a variety of clinical complaints. They can be categorized as primary or secondary based on the presence or absence of an epithelial lining. Primary cysts are further subdivided into those that are and are not secondary to parasitic infection. The treatment of non-parasitic splenic cysts (NPSC) has historically been dictated by two primary factors: the presence of symptoms attributable to the cyst and cyst size greater or less than 5 cm. While it is appropriate to resect a symptomatic lesion, the premise of recommending operative intervention based on size is not firmly supported by the literature.


In the current study, we identified 115 patients with splenic cysts and retrospectively reviewed their management that included aspiration, resection, or observation.


Our data reveal a negative overall growth rate of asymptomatic cysts, a high recurrence rate after percutaneous drainage, as well as demonstrate the safety of observing asymptomatic lesions over time.


We conclude that observation of asymptomatic splenic cysts is safe regardless of size and that aspiration should be reserved for those who are not surgical candidates or in cases of diagnostic uncertainty.


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