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Differences of the Lymphatic Distribution and Surgical Outcomes Between Remnant Gastric Cancers and Primary Proximal Gastric Cancers

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Journal of Gastrointestinal Surgery



Although remnant gastric cancer (RGC) following distal gastrectomy is located in the proximal stomach, little is known about the differences of the lymphatic distribution and surgical outcomes between RGC and primary proximal gastric cancer (PGC).


Between 1997 and 2008, 1,149 patients underwent gastrectomy for gastric cancer. Of these, 33 (2.9%) RGC patients and 207 (18.5%) PGC patients were treated at our department. We reviewed their hospital records retrospectively.


Compared with the PGC patients, those with RGC had a slightly higher age at onset (p = 0.09), higher incidence of undifferentiated cancer (p = 0.06), higher incidence of vascular invasion (p = 0.09), and higher incidence of T4 (p = 0.07). Gastrectomy for RGC involved greater blood loss (p < 0.005), longer surgical duration (p = 0.01), combined resection, and high incidence of complications. However, the survival rate for RGC patients was similar to that for PGC patients (p = 0.67). 2) Patients with RGC had a different pattern of lymph node metastasis compared with that in PGC. Particularly in advanced RGC with pT2–T4 tumors, RGC frequently demonstrated jejunal mesentery lymph node metastases (RGC vs. PGC, 35% vs. 0%) and splenic hilar lymph node metastases (RGC vs. PGC, 17% vs. 10%). The jejunal mesentery lymph node metastases were detected only following Billroth II reconstruction (Billroth I vs. Billroth II, 0% vs. 67%).


Although the clinical behaviors of the two gastric cancers were different, the survival rates were similar. The pattern of metastasis indicates that the jejunal mesentery and splenic hilar lymph nodes should be specifically targeted for en bloc resection during complete gastrectomy in RGC.

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