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Synthesis and immobilization of polystyreneb-polyvinyltriethoxysilane micelles


Diblock copolymers polystyrene-block-polyvinyltriethoxysilane (PS-b-PVTES) were synthesized via atom transfer radical polymerization (ATRP), which self-assembled into spherical micelles in solvent of THF-methanol mixtures. The self-assembled micelles were immobilized by cross-linking reaction of VTES in a shell layer of micelles. The chemical structures of block copolymers and morphology of micelles were characterized in detail. It was found that the size of immobilized micelles was strongly affected by the copolymer concentration, composition of mixture solvent, and block ratios.

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  • ATRP
  • PS-b-PVTES
  • self-assembly
  • micelle
  • immobilization