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Magnetic properties of NiCuZn ferrite thin films prepared by the sol-gel method


Ni0.4Cu0.2Zn0.4Fe2O4 thin films were fabricated on Si substrates by using the sol-gel method and rapid thermal annealing (RTA), and their magnetic properties and crystalline structures were investigated. The samples calcined at and above 600 °C have a single-phase spinel structure and the average grain size of the sample calcined at 600°C is about 20 nm. The initial permeability μ i , saturation magnetization M s and coercivity H c of the samples increase with the increasing calcination temperature. The sample calcined at 600°C exhibits an excellent soft magnetic performance, which has μ i =33.97 (10 MHz), H c=15.62 Oe and M s=228.877 emu/cm3. Low-temperature annealing can enhance the magnetic properties of the samples. The work shows that using the sol-gel method in conjunction with RTA is a promising way to fabricate integrated thin-film devices.

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