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Dynamics of melting heat transfer in thermally developed and chemically reactive flow of Eyring- Powell liquid through a curved channel


The present article concentrates on the consequences of melting heat transfer on the chemically reactive flow of Eyring-Powell liquid flow via a semi-permeable curved channel in presence of applied magnetic field. The impacts of two types of chemical reaction namely, homogeneous and heterogeneous are considered in the concentration equation. In addition, the characteristics of heat transport phenomena is also examined with the application of thermal radiation. By adopting a scheme of curvilinear coordinates system along with some appropriate similarity conversions a nonlinear ordinary differential equations is attained. The numerical simulation of the determined velocity and transport equations are estimated by using the shooting procedure. The influence of pertinent factors on the flow equations, surface drag force and rate of heat transport are thoroughly discussed via graphs and table. It is noted from the current study that surface drag force and concentration of the liquid are rises with a rising value of the melting parameter, while fluid velocity and its temperature decreases.

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We are grateful to the respected reviewers for their positive comments and constructive ideas for improving the manuscript’s quality.

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