Shock structure in the 14 moment system of extended thermodynamics with high order closure based on the maximum entropy principle


An analysis of the shock structure in the 14 moment system of extended thermodynamics with first, second and third order closure based on the maximum entropy principle (MEP) is presented, as a follow up of a recent investigation of the shock structure in the 13 moment system with first and second MEP-based closure. It is seen that when adopting higher order closures, the strength of the subshock that appears in the shock structure profile for large enough Mach numbers is remarkably reduced with respect to what is found with the first order closure, and the overall profile of the shock structure solution is in better agreement with experimental results.

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This work has been partially supported by GNFM/INdAM and by the Italian MIUR through the PRIN2017 project “Multiscale phenomena in Continuum Mechanics: singular limits, off-equilibrium and transitions”(Project Number: 2017YBKNCE).

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Correspondence to Andrea Mentrelli.

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It is my pleasure to dedicate this paper to Masaru Sugiyama and Giuseppe Toscani, who recently celebrated their 70th birthday. I have not been lucky enough to collaborate with Giuseppe Toscani yet, but having enjoyed several of his talks I have developed a true admiration for him. With Masaru Sensei Sugiyama I was more lucky, since I have had (and still have) the chance of collaborating with him in Nagoya and Bologna over the years. Not only have I learned a lot from him, but I also have the most sincere esteem of him. I sincerely wish to both of them all the best.

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  • Extended thermodynamics
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