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Polyaniline-coated VS4@rGO nanocomposite as high-performance cathode material for magnesium batteries based on Mg2+/Li+ dual ion electrolytes

  • Pengcheng Jing
  • Huimin LuEmail author
  • Wenwen Yang
  • Yuan Cao
  • Binbin Xu
  • Wei Cai
  • Yan Deng
Original Paper


Magnesium batteries based on Mg2+/Li+ dual ion electrolytes (MLIBs) have attracted increasing attention due to fast Li+ or Mg2+/Li+ insertion kinetics, abundant Mg resources, and high volumetric capacity of dendrite-free Mg anodes. Herein, we report polyaniline (PANI)–coated VS4@reduced graphene oxide (rGO) with nanostructures synthesized via hydrothermal synthesis and subsequent PANI polymerization as the cathode material for MLIBs. The PANI layer serves as a conductive medium to enhance electron transfer and Mg2+/Li+ transportation as well as to mitigate the structure changes of VS4 during the cycling process. Indeed, this material demonstrates enhanced electrochemical performance with a high discharge capacity of 200.7 mAh g−1 after 20 cycles and 91.2% retention after 50 cycles. Mechanism analysis reveals that Li+ insertion into VS4 produced an amorphous VS4 host in the first discharge, which inclined to store Mg2+ rather than Li+ in the subsequent cycles. Our study provides new insights into the development of amorphous electrode materials for magnesium batteries.


Magnesium batteries Hydrothermal synthesis VS4 Polyaniline (PANI) Nanostructures 


Funding information

This work was supported by a grant from the Science and Technology Ministry of China (863 project 2012AA062302).

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  • Yuan Cao
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