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Effect of different combinations of precursors of zirconium and selenium in the electrodeposited ZrSe2 thin films

  • A. Panimaya Valan Rakkini
  • K. Mohanraj
Original Paper


The article describes the effect of different combination of zirconium and selenium sources on electrodeposited ZrSe2 thin films. Three different zirconium sources; ZrO(NO3)2.H2O, Zr(SO4)2 and ZrOCl2.8H2O and two different selenium sources; SeO2 and Na2SeO3 were used. The effect of combination of zirconium and selenium sources of the films prepared by optimising the electrolyte potentials through cyclic voltammetry and their structural, compositional, surface morphology and optical properties are studied. It is noticed that the film growth rate and band gap energy is found to be sensitive to Zr sources used. All films are found to be hexagonal polycrystalline, regardless of the Zr and Se sources used.


Thin films ZrSe2 Electrodeposition Cyclic voltammetry 



The author gratefully acknowledges the UGC-SAP-DRS for providing financial aid for Electrochemical workstation (CHI 604E USA) to the Department of Physics, Manonmaniam Sundaranar University and also the Department of Nanoscience and Technology, Bharathiar University, for extending their FESEM facility established under the DST-PURSEProgramme.


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