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Modeling of ionic diffusion by space charge depolarization

  • Mohan L. Verma
  • B. Keshav Rao
Original Paper


For the study of transport properties of a nano-composite material, an open circuit condition of current is considered, where the sum of diffusion current density, displacement current density, ohmic current density, and excess charge current density is vanished. Including the effects of drift and trapping of ions, drift and trapping diffusion coefficients are modeled respectively and the significance of the type of ionic motion in the study of ionic diffusion is discussed.


Modeling Space charge depolarization Diffusion Transports properties 


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The authors are grateful to Shri I. P. Mishra, President of Shri Abhishekh Mishra and Vice-President of the Shri Gangajali Education Society and Dr. P. B. Deshmukh, Director of the Shri Shankaracharya Group of Institutions, for their valuable support in our research work.


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Authors and Affiliations

  1. 1.Condensed Matter Physics Research Laboratory, Department of Applied PhysicsShri Shankaracharya Group of InstitutionsBhilaiIndia

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