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Wettbewerb als Interaktionsmodus

Kulturelle und sozialstrukturelle Konsequenzen der Konkurrenzgesellschaft
  • Hartmut Rosa

Competition as a mode of interaction. Cultural and structural consequences of the competitive society


Contrary to traditional societies, modern society is characterized by a competitive allocation of goods and resources, positions and privileges as well as social esteem. Since competition is the dominant principle for the organization of its central social spheres, modern society is a competitive society even more than it is a market-society. The essay seeks to analyze the consequences of this mode of allocation for the patterns of social interaction, for the realization of collective goals and for the individual forms of subjectivity and identity. By developing the argument, it claims that contemporary western societies have reached a critical turning-point, beyond which the struggle for the enhancement of our individual as well as collective competitive capacity is transformed into an all-consuming, overriding and self-destructive end in itself.


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