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Review of Terje Østebø, Localising Salafism: Religious Change among Oromo Muslims in Bale, Ethiopia

Islam in Africa. Leiden: Brill, 2012. xxvi + 380 pp. ISBN 978 90 04 18478 7
  • Samson A. BezabehEmail author

Compared to other fields of study, the number of books on Islam in Ethiopia is quite limited. To date there are only a handful of books and monographs that take Islam as their main topic in Ethiopian studies. In view of this, Terje Østebo’s book is a welcomed addition to the small literature on Ethiopia’s Islam. In his book, Østebo aims to understand ‘Salafism in its particularity.’ He also aims to apply a localized approach to religious change that also takes into account human agency. Having this aim, Østebo therefore studies the localization of Salafism in southern Ethiopia by focusing on agents of change. His aim, however, is not limited to giving a localized perceptive. Well aware of the relation that localities have with the extra local, Østebo also aims to understand the relation localities have with the ‘outside world.’ He tells us that ‘this study sees localities as interacting and layers of context as intersected. The work thus seek to demonstrate how different localities...


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