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Amir Hussain, “Oil and water: two faiths: One God”

Kelowna, British Columbia: CopperHouse, 224 pp. ISBN 1-896836-82-8
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Islam is no longer pietas incognita in the Western publishing world. Since the public interest watershed following September 11, 2001, there has been a steady stream of books about Islam, including several by Muslims intent on providing a view of their faith outside the narrow political lens of “terrorism.” Much of what is written sums up the basics of Muslim doctrine, usually by avoiding the varied range of interpretations within the tradition over the centuries. Few take the path chosen by Amir Hussain, a Muslim scholar in Religious Studies who teaches at a Jesuit University. Knowing the kinds of questions many Christians have about a sister faith, Hussain provides a readable survey that places Islamic beliefs and the behavior of Muslims in comparison to Christianity as practiced in the West. The next time someone asks you for a book that explains Islam in clear and responsible terms to a Christian audience, I suggest that Hussain’s Oil and Waterbe recommended. Do not let the fact...


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