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Fasciodontia gen. nov. (Hymenochaetales, Basidiomycota) and the taxonomic status of Deviodontia


A new genus Fasciodontia is described to classify Xylodon bugellensis, known mostly from Europe, and one new species, F. brasiliensis, collected in Atlantic rainforests of Brazil. A new combination F. bugellensis is proposed and the lectotype for this taxon was selected. The genus is characterized by fascicles of skeletal-like hyphae in aculeal trama and thick-walled basidiospores. The generic concept was supported by Bayesian and Maximum Likelihood molecular phylogenetic reconstructions based on the ITS region and D1/D2 domains of 28S rRNA gene. The morphological distinctions between Lyomyces pruni and F. bugellensis (earlier considered as conspecific) and their phylogenetic independence are described and illustrated. Additionally, Deviodontia pilaecystidiata is put into the genus Kneiffiella; Hyphodontia mongolica is referred to synonyms of K. pilaecystidiata. The phylogenetic position of Hastodontia halonata, Kneiffiella alienata, and Lyomyces fimbriatus are discussed for the first time, and the new combination Lyomyces fimbriatus is introduced.

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The authors are grateful to Uwe Braun, the curator of herbarium in the Institute of Biology, Martin-Luther-Universität Halle-Wittenberg (HAL), for the help in lectotypification of Fasciodontia bugellensis. We are thankful to Ellen Larsson, the curator of fungal collection at the University of Göteborg (GB), for providing the specimens of Lyomyces pruni and Kneiffiella pilaecystidiata for our studies; to Karen K. Nakasone and Beatriz Ortiz-Santana (Center of Forest Mycology Research, Madison, USA) for giving us the specimens of Hastodontia halonata, and Lyomyces fimbriatus from CFMR collection; to Manuel Striegel (University of Regensburg, Germany) and Frank Dämmrich (Limbach-Oberfrohna, Germany) for the additional specimens of Fasciodontia bugellensis. Significant technical support for this study was provided by Ulrike Frieling and Sylvia Heinemann (University of Kassel, Germany). The three anonymous reviewers are acknowledged for the critical considerations of the manuscript.

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