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Helicascus unilocularis sp. nov., a new freshwater pleosporalean ascomycete from the Caribbean area


A new species of Helicascus (H. unilocularis) is described and illustrated from submerged wood collected from aquatic habitat in the Caribbean area in Central America. It is morphologically characterized by unilocular ascostromata combined with a poorly developed pseudostroma and ascospores with a smooth wall and lacking a mucilaginous sheath. Its relationships with other species of Helicascus are discussed based on morphology and 28S and ITS rDNA sequences comparisons. Helicascus thalassioideus is reported for the first time from the Neotropics, and a detailed description of H. thalassioideus is provided.

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This study was supported by “the Fundamental Research Funds for the Central Universities (NO.YX2015-05)”, the National Natural Science Foundation of China (General Program, 31370063), the NSFC Projects of International Cooperation and Exchanges (31461143028) and the National Science and Technology Foundation Project (2014FY210400).

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