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A lightweight YOLOv8 integrating FasterNet for real-time underwater object detection

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Journal of Real-Time Image Processing Aims and scope Submit manuscript


In this paper, we propose a underwater target detection method that optimizes YOLOv8s to make it more suitable for real-time and underwater environments. First, a lightweight FasterNet module replaces the original backbone of YOLOv8s to reduce the computation and improve the performance of the network. Second, we modify current bi-directional feature pyramid network into a fast one by reducing unnecessary feature layers and changing the fusion method. Finally, we propose a lightweight-C2f structure by replacing the last standard convolution, bottleneck module of C2f with a GSConv and a partial convolution, respectively, to obtain a lighter and faster block. Experiments on three underwater datasets, RUOD, UTDAC2020 and URPC2022 show that the proposed method has mAP\(_{50}\) of 86.8%, 84.3% and 84.7% for the three datasets, respectively, with a speed of 156 FPS on NVIDIA A30 GPUs, which meets the requirement of real-time detection. Compared to the YOLOv8s model, the model volume is reduced on average by 24%, and the mAP accuracy is enhanced on all three datasets.

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Data availability

The data that support the findings of this study are openly available in RUOD, UTDAC2020, and URPC2022, at,, and, respectively.


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