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A robust attribute-aware and real-time multi-target multi-camera tracking system using multi-scale enriched features and hierarchical clustering


Multi-Camera Multi-Target Tracking (MTMCT) has challenges such as viewpoint and pose variations, scale and illumination changes, and occlusion. Available MTMCT approaches have high computational complexity and are not sufficiently robust in the mentioned challenges. In this work, an Attribute Recognition-based MTMCT(AR-MTMCT) framework is presented for real-time application. This framework performs object detection, re-Identification (Re-Id) feature extraction, and attribute recognition in an end-to-end manner. Applying attributes highly improves MTMC online tracking performance in the mentioned challenges. The pipeline of AR-MTMCT consists of three modules. The first module is a novel one-shot Single-Camera Tracking (SCT) architecture named Attribute Recognition-Multi Object Tracking (AR-MOT) which performs object detection, Re-Id feature extraction, and attributes recognition using one backbone through multi-task learning. Hierarchical clustering is performed in the second module to deal with the detection of several instances of one identity in the overlapping areas of cameras. In the last module, a new data association algorithm is performed using spatial information to reduce matching candidates. We also have proposed an efficient strategy in the data association algorithm to remove lost tracks by making a trade-off between the number of lost tracks and the maximum lost time. Evaluation and training of AR-MTMCT have been done on the large-scale MTA dataset. The proposed system has been improved by 20% and 11%, respectively, compared to the WDA method in IDF1 and IDs metrics. Also, the AR-MTMCT outperforms the state-of-the-art methods by a large margin on decreasing computational complexities.

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Data Availability

The data supporting this study's findings for multi-camera and single-camera tracking are available at and, respectively.


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Conception and design of study: Mahnaz Moghaddam, Mostafa Charmi, Hossein Hassanpoor Analysis and interpretation of data: Mahnaz Moghaddam, Mostafa Charmi Drafting the manuscript: Mahnaz Moghaddam, Mostafa Charmi, Hossein Hassanpoor Revising the manuscript critically for important intellectual content: Mahnaz Moghaddam, Mostafa Charmi. Revising the manuscript based on the editor's and the reviewers' comments: Mahnaz Moghaddam, Mostafa Charmi All authors approved the final submitted manuscript to the journal.

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