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Dynamic programming with adaptive and self-adjusting penalty for real-time accurate stereo matching

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Journal of Real-Time Image Processing Aims and scope Submit manuscript


Dense disparity map extraction is one of the most active research areas in computer vision. It tries to recover three-dimensional information from a stereo image pair. A large variety of algorithms has been developed to solve stereo matching problems. This paper proposes a new stereo matching algorithm, capable of generating the disparity map in real-time and with high accuracy. A novel stereo matching approach is based on per-pixel difference adjustment for the absolute differences, gradient matching and rank transform. The selected cost metrics are aggregated using guided filter. The disparity calculation is performed using dynamic programming with self-adjusting and adaptive penalties to improve disparity map accuracy. Our approach exploits mean-shift image segmentation and refinement technique to reach higher accuracy. In addition, a parallel high-performance graphics hardware based on Compute Unified Device Architecture is used to implement this method. Our algorithm runs at 36 frames per second on \(640 \times 480\) video with 64 disparity levels. Over 707 million disparity evaluations per second (MDE/s) are achieved in our current implementation. In terms of accuracy and runtime, our algorithm ranks the third place on Middlebury stereo benchmark in quarter resolution up to the submitting.

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The authors extend their appreciation to the Deanship of Scientific Research at King Khalid University for funding this work through research groups program under grant number GRP/337/42

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