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Table 2 Categorization of the OpenVX Kernels according to data access patterns

From: HipaccVX: wedding of OpenVX and DSL-based code generation

OpenVX Kernels HipaccVX Abstractions hipacc abstractions
AbsDiff, Copy, Add, Subtract, And, Xor, Or, Not, ChannelCombine, ChannelExtract, ColorConvert, ConvertDepth, Magnitude, Phase, Multiply, ScaleImage, Threshold, TensorAdd, TensorSubtract, TensorConvertDepth, TensorMultiply, ScalarOperation, Select, Remap Point Kernel
NonMaxSuppression, Dilate3x3, Erode3x3, NonLinearFilter, Median3x3, BilateralFilter, Sobel3x3, Box3x3, Convolve, Gaussian3x3, LBP, FastCorners Local Kernel
MinMaxLoc, MeanStdDev, Min, Max Reduce (global) Reduction
Histogram Histogram (global) Histogram
Scale-image Scale (global) Interpolation
GaussianPyramid, LaplacianPyramid, LaplacianReconstruct Pyramid (global) Pyramid
IntegralImage Scan (global) Software
WarpAffine, WarpPerspective Warp (global) Software
TensorTranspose, TensorMatrixMultiply (Global) transpose, matrixMult Software
HarrisCorners Point + local + custom Kernel, Software
EqualizeHist Histogram + point Kernel, Histogram
OpticalFlowPyrLK Point + local + pyramid + custom Kernel, Pyramid, Software
HOGCells Custom + local + histogram Kernel, Software
CannyEdge Point + local + custom Kernel, Software