Video stabilization performance enhancement for low-texture videos

  • Supriya UnnikrishnanEmail author
  • G. Sreelekha
Original Research Paper


Digital video stabilization (DVS) aims to remove irregular global motion effects from an image sequence. This work aims at developing a real-time video stabilization algorithm for rectifying high-frequency jitter in marine surveillance applications. A DVS system consists of a global motion estimation system and motion correction system. The development of global motion estimation system resistant to failures in low texture videos is the primary goal. Due to the computational advantage and inherent properties, the phase correlation method is adopted as the basic global motion estimation algorithm. The basic algorithm is then modified to adapt to the varying texture content of the video sequences under consideration. An adaptive phase correlation-based global motion estimation is suggested and verified on the videos of varying textures.


Video stabilization Motion estimation Phase correlation 



We would like to acknowledge Central Research Laboratory,Bangalore for providing us the field data to enable us work on this research area.


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