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Dual-energy CT quantification of fractional extracellular space in cirrhotic patients: comparison between early and delayed equilibrium phases and correlation with oesophageal varices

  • Abdominal Radiology
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Fractional extracellular space has been validated as a marker of hepatic fibrotic in cirrhotic patients at CT-scan as well as on dual-energy CT, which takes advantage from iodine uptake. Since no consensus still exists between equilibrium phases performed at 3 or 10 min, the first aim of this work is to evaluate performances at the two different time points. Moreover, correlation between fractional extracellular space and oesophageal varices, directly related to liver fibrosis, has been assessed.

Materials and methods

Dual-Energy equilibrium phases at 3 and 10 min were performed within a follow-up CT-protocol scan in cirrhotic patients. Oesophageal varices were endoscopically assessed according to their size. At the two different time points, correlation between iodine density of the right and left liver lobes and correlation between the fractional extracellular space values were assessed. Correlation between fractional extracellular space and endoscopic grade of oesophageal varices was calculated.


No statistical differences were found between the iodine density values from the two liver lobes at the two time points (p = 0.8 at 3′; p = 0.5 at 10′). No statistical difference about fractional extracellular space estimation was found between the two time points (p = 0.17). Correlation between fractional extracellular space values and oesophageal varices was moderate (ρ = 0.45, IC 0.08–0.71, p < 0.05).


Fractional extracellular space assessed on dual-energy CT at equilibrium phases with different timing was substantially similar. The moderate correlation found between fractional extracellular space and endoscopic grade of oesophageal varices confirms that CT-scan is not currently reliable as endoscopy.

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