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History Corner Update: Greetings from New Co-Editors

  • Heather LearyEmail author
  • Barbara Lockee
Column: History Corner

The preservation, discussion, and analysis of the history of educational communications and technologies is more important than ever, as our collective past has contributed greatly to the evolution of where we are today as a field. Some may question the need for allocated space to discuss our past in a publication that is focused on current research, emerging trends, and best practices in the field. We believe it is imperative to keep the presence of our history at the forefront of our exploration of innovations in learning and education, to inform such discovery from the voices and works of our pioneering scholars and leaders.

We invite you, the TechTrends readership, to share your insights and examinations of our historical origins and contributors, to support our collective effort in remembering how we have come to be where we are as a field, and how we might move forward as a discipline, informed by the research outcomes and professional expertise that have brought us to this...

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