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Change in the Making: Makerspaces and the Ever-Changing Landscape of Libraries


Makerspaces and accompanying technologies are exciting new services being offered in libraries. However, these come with their own challenges and successes. Training for maker learning locations continues to be difficult to obtain. Inservice librarians rely on peers in the field and online resources for their training. Most preservice librarians are graduating each semester not knowing the skills needed to maintain and serve in makerspaces. As library services continue to change what skill sets are needed to sustain the ever-changing library environment? In this study, 12 interviews were conducted one-on-one with librarians possessing makerspace facilities in their library settings. The interviews were used to gain feedback regarding the makerspace locations in each library. Interviews were digitally audiotaped and transcribed. Results were organized into thematic codes using NVivo 10 qualitative data analysis software. Some emergent themes include librarian and patron training, makerspace implementation, staffing models, and overall reactions.

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