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Teaching Engineering Concepts Through a Middle School Transmedia Book


This article describes the background and experiences of three graduate students who co-authored a print-based transmedia book during the summer of 2013. The article provides information about why the transmedia engineering book was designed and provides an overview of the book’s creation process. The project was funded through a National Science Foundation grant awarded to the Department of Learning Technologies at a large North American university. The transmedia book focused on providing learning opportunities for middle school students taking part in the agricultural engineering process to solve authentic tasks through problem solving and technology. Quick Response (QR) codes, web resources, and fabrication manipulatives (2-dimensional cutter and 3-dimensional fabricator) were integrated into the content of the book. A companion website was created as a resource.

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Stansell, A., Quintanilla, B., Zimmerman, E. et al. Teaching Engineering Concepts Through a Middle School Transmedia Book. TECHTRENDS TECH TRENDS 59, 27–31 (2015).

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