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Measurement of Dynamic Interfacial Tension in a Carbohydrate Melt at High Temperature Using a Drop Volume Tensiometer

  • Christopher M. GregsonEmail author
  • Yunhong Rong
  • Matthew Sillick
  • Alan Parker


Many food and encapsulation products are dispersed systems with a highly viscous concentrated carbohydrate solution or melt as the continuous phase and for which interfacial properties are important at high temperatures. A drop volume interfacial tensiometer was utilized to provide objective characterization of surfactant behavior in such systems at temperatures typical of food production processes. Interfacial tension was measured over a range of flow rates within a maltodextrin–sucrose–water melt at 105 °C using limonene as the oil phase and a sucrose ester surfactant. The results showed that the kinetics of surfactant adsorption were faster when the surfactant was dissolved in the oil phase. However, the low critical micelle concentration in the oil phase resulted in a lower than expected diffusion coefficient.


Emulsion Candy Adsorption kinetics Encapsulation 


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  • Yunhong Rong
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  • Matthew Sillick
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  • Alan Parker
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