Influence of Cannabis Use Disorder Symptoms on Suicidal Ideation in College Students


The association of cannabis use and suicidal ideations in adolescents and young adults has been inconsistent. This discrepancy may reflect differences in controlled confounders but also the lack of consideration of the relationships between confounders. In particular, few studies have examined whether controlled variables mediated rather than confounded the relationship between cannabis use and suicide. Participants were 1034 college students who completed questionnaires assessing cannabis use and symptoms of cannabis use disorder (CUD), suicidal ideation, depressive and anxiety symptoms, and borderline personality traits. The dichotomic variable cannabis use versus non-use was not a significant independent predictor of suicidal ideation. Among cannabis users, the association between symptoms of CUD and suicidal ideation was significant before adjustment for confounding variables. The loss of significance of this association after control for confounders reflected the mediating effects of depressive symptoms and borderline traits on the relationship between symptoms of CUD and suicidal ideation.

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