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Graphene-Based Plasmonic Waveguides: a Mini Review


Graphene plasmonics is one of the most explored fields since the successful experimental discovery of the graphene due to its unprecedented properties. The dynamical modulation and active control over electromagnetic waves due to the tuning of the graphene conductivity have made the graphene-based waveguides a fascinating field for the designing of various high-performance optoelectronic devices such as modulators, polarizers, photo detectors, sensors, and resonators. In this paper, a historical review of graphene-based waveguides is presented. The graphene waveguides can be divided in various categories depending upon various parameters such as geometry, number of graphene layers, and nature of partnering materials.

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Availability of Data and Materials

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This work was funded by the Higher Education Commission (HEC) under NRPU for under Project No. 8576.

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