Enhancement of the Second and Third Harmonic Generations in Nanorods and Nanotubes Based on Metal Electron Nonlinear Responses and Dielectric Nonlinearity


In this paper, we investigated the second harmonic (SH) and the third harmonic (TH) generations in nanorods and nanotubes. Nonlinear free and bound electrons responses of metal combined with the third-order nonlinearity of dielectric core were utilized to study the nonlinear response of nanotubes made of noble metals such as gold. The impacts of the dielectric constant of core medium, thickness of metal shell, and size of nanotube on the SH and TH conversion efficiency are reported. The physical interpretations behind the results are discussed. Finally, we have shown that enhancement of the SH and TH generations are more noticeable and adjustable by varying the core-shell parameters compared to those of nanorods.

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  • Nonlinear plasmonics
  • Hydrodynamic model
  • Second harmonic generation
  • Third harmonic generation
  • Kerr effect