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Multiband Metamaterial Absorber Design Based on Plasmonic Resonances for Solar Energy Harvesting

  • Batuhan Mulla
  • Cumali SabahEmail author


A new metamaterial absorber is designed and characterized numerically for the harvesting of solar energy. The design is composed of three layers in which the interaction among them gives rise to the plasmonic resonances. The main operation frequency range of the proposed structure is chosen to be the visible regime. However, the design is also analyzed for the infrared and ultraviolet regimes. In order to characterize the absorber, some parametric studies with respect to the dimensions of the structure are carried out. According to the results, it is found that the proposed metamaterial absorber has 98.2 % absorption capability at 445.85 THz and 99.4 % absorption capability between 624 and 658.3 THz. Moreover, the polarization dependency of the structure is examined and it is found that the design operates well as a perfect absorber with polarization independency for the studied frequency range. As a result, the proposed metamaterial absorber can be used for solar energy harvesting as it provides multiple perfect absorption bands in the visible regime.


Metamaterial Perfect absorption Multiband Solar energy Energy harvesting 



The work reported here was carried out at Middle East Technical University—Northern Cyprus Campus (METU-NCC). It is supported by METU-NCC under the grant number of BAP-FEN-15-D-3.


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  1. 1.Sustainable Environment and Energy DepartmentMiddle East Technical University—Northern Cyprus CampusTRNC / MersinTurkey
  2. 2.Department of Electrical and Electronics EngineeringMiddle East Technical University—Northern Cyprus CampusTRNC / MersinTurkey

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